In 1925 Walter M. McKim, an early pioneer in the development of combination export marketing, organized the Mckim Group.

Throughout the years the organization has helped numerous American manufacturers establish a solid presence in overseas markets.

The original goals have remained unchanged, while facilities and technologies for accomplishing them have grown and been updated year after year.

Numerous services are provided to both the importers as well as the manufacturer; among them are:

  •  Build strong and friendly relationships between each manufacturer and the overseas importers.
  • Offer direct factory prices  - there is no middleman.
  • Operate with complete transparency to both importer and manufacturer.
  • Combination of orders to reduce shipping charges.
  • A world wide group of resident representatives.
  • Presence in several trade shows.
  • Resident staff with knowledge in all phases of Export Traffic, Collections and Customer Service.
  • Consistent and effective sales call by Management.
  • Membership on major industry associations.
  • Active participation on major industry events.
  • Relationship and working knowledge with European Logistic Services.

The McKim Group works closely with its management of associated factories to guarantee their active involvement in major decisions. A real partnership of trust and commitment to our overseas customers has been developed with the support of our associated factories.

Products of the McKim Group are sold in more than 100 different countries.

We welcome your inquiries and look forward to serving you.